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As well as pure construction , we offer a range of different options.


Getting off to the perfect start

At Roebuck we love been involved early in the project.

Experience tells us the most successful projects are those with early engagement of the construction team.

Our early involvement enables a thorough review of drawings & specifications, ensure all information is complete & address potential issues long before they arise. We can make suggestions for reducing cost if required and discuss the project in detail before we start.

If you have planning drawings only, we can introduce you to the necessary professionals (structural engineers, party wall surveyors etc) or alternatively we can fully manage the process on your behalf.

We will also produce a detailed set of project information for you. We create a detailed budget and cash-flow forecast, so you know exactly when & what the bills will be. A stage-by-stage project plan will allow you to track progress on-site on a weekly basis against the plan.

Building work on your house can be stressful and we aim to make it an enjoyable process for all of us. We want to look back with pride on our work and form long-term relationships with our client.

Abbotswood courtyard (1).jpg

Bringing your design into reality

Whilst we offer a wider range services, first and foremost Roebuck is a building company. We love the process of building high quality houses.

Many of our projects are build-only, working from your architect's plans and specifications, typically delivering the build to a fixed price and programme basis.

At the heart of Roebuck is a team of highly skilled trades and and craftsmen.  We have an extensive list of the highest quality specialist trades (from stonemasons to AV specialists).

Bare Hill Farm Annex 1.jpg

Simplifying the process

We offer a full design and build service for conversions, extensions, smaller builds & basements (see next section).

Keeping all elements of the project under one roof simplifies the process and reduces both costs and time. 

Our Design & Build service covers design, planning applications, building control, structural engineers & the build itself. 

Design & Build examples can be seen in the Previous projects section.

Note - for larger scale projects we will can recommend architects & structural engineers if required.

Basement 2.jpg

Taking the complexity out of basements

Successful basements have a lot of elements to get right. The technical elements such as structure, waterproofing & regulations need to be carefully considered alongside design aspects such as layout, light & coherence with the upper floors.


There's a lot to think about!

We bring our extensive experience from over 50 basement projects to our turn-key Full Basement Service.

Our service covers design & layout, planning application submission, deal with building control, work with the structural engineer, prepare party wall notices, specify the waterproofing system & warranty, underpinning & construction details.

Once the detailed preparations are in place we have the experience to run a smooth & efficient build process, getting you a complete in a short a time as possible.

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